Advantages Of Interactive Headstones At Funeral Homes In Union, NJ

Advantages Of Interactive Headstones At Funeral Homes In Union, NJ

If you have lost a loved one and are worried that you won’t’ be able to make their memory live on, you can choose an interactive headstone to mark their burial location and work as a lasting tribute to your loved one after they have passed on. There are many reasons you may want to choose an interactive headstone. Here are a few to keep in mind when planning funeral services at funeral homes in Union, NJ, and trying to find the right headstone for your loved one.

Stay In Touch

It’s not always easy for a family to stay in touch, especially when someone passes away who was considered the flue of the family. When you choose an interactive headstone, you make it possible for your family to stay connected. They can talk and discuss important events and information on the website that the code on the headstone links to, and it can remind everyone to stick together during a tough time. It can help bring your family closer together so they can talk more often and support each other during their grief

Personal Information

Your loved one had a happy life and deserve to have their story told. If you aren’t able to include everything in an obituary, you can do so with an interactive headstone. People who want to know more about the deceased can scan the headstone code and be directed to the website where they can find the deceased’s information or biography. Other family members and friends can also add information to make sure the story of your loved one’s life continues on and live on even after they have passed.

Family History

Interactive headstones can make it possible to share important information about your family’s history. You don’t want the story of your family to be lost with the death of a loved one. Interactive headstones can allow you to preserve your family’s story and share those stories and more. The code will take them to the site where they can learn about the family and your history. You can even include a link to family trees and other family history information. This can help your family members keep records and share the stories of your family with their children and grandchildren.

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If you are planning a funeral at funeral homes in Union, NJ and are looking for the right type of headstone to choose to mark the burial spot of your loved one, you have a lot of options. One that you should consider is an interactive headstone. These headstones are unique and modern and they have a lot of advantages and benefits. If you need help planning a funeral service for a love done or choosing a headstone, be sure to reach out to Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and all the ways we can help you.


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