Alexander Stetkevych
04/04/1958 - 03/09/2020

MONTCLAIR – Born in Heidelberg, Germany, and having lived throughout much of New England, upstate New York, and New Jersey, Alex made many friends and truly developed a unique taste of culture and life as he grew up. His love of the sea and nautical adventures manifested themselves in his frequent sailing trips, fishing endeavors, as well as motorboat rides to Hamburg Cove. He also loved his country house in Madison, CT, beach trips, as well as mountain biking and skiing in Vermont.

Outside of his hobbies, Alex attended Chatham High School, and went on to graduate from Ohio Wesleyan University, before beginning his career on Wall Street.  As a suburban parent in Montclair, Alex took a lot of pride in cooking, taking care of his dogs, and being a part of the Montclair Beach Club community during the summers. He also loved supporting all of the MKA sports teams and watching his son and friends play. Alex’s remarkable presence will be long remembered, as his mind opening insights and keen sense of humor resonated with all whom he has spoken.

He is survived by his son, Alex N. Stetkevych, and his past wife, Anne Lepre.  They loved him dearly.

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