The staff of Bradley & Son Funeral Homes carries our passion for personalized, extraordinary care to every arrangement. We listen to each person’s unique story and create a service to ensure each and every life is well remembered.

We do this by getting to know each and every family deeply. We are experts in listening to your individual needs and providing you with not only the information and support you expect, but also with an unexpected attention to detail and surprising “extras,” which together create an unforgettable experience.

22 Ways to Make Your Service Special

Here are just some of the ways we can help create a unique and memorable service for your loved one.

1.  Live music
2.  Favorite playlists
3.  Personal/meaningful items
4.  Pets
5.  Hospitality table
6.  Favorite candy/ snacks
7.  Favorite vehicles
8.  Exclusive use of building
9.  Celebrant
10. Video
11. Favorite food at luncheon
12. Writing (signing) on casket
13. Donation to special charity
14. Seed planters
15. Honor guard
16. Eulogy
17. Drive past special location in procession
18. Location customization
19. Personalized setting
20. Dove release
21. Balloon release
22. Custom monument

A Life Well Remembered

We love to tell a life’s story. We’ve staged theater and stadium backdrops, hired antique horse and carriages, set up cafes, cigar bars, hot dog stands, and putting greens. We’ve given away recipe cards to honor bakers, seeds for gardeners, tools for handymen, and monogrammed golf balls for golf lovers. Please take a few minutes to read some of our favorite life stories.

February 22, 2018
Funeral Home and Cremations 0000061 Funeral Life Well Remembered Jmaraventano

The Art of Celebrating Life

I had the honor and privilege of handling arrangements for a high school senior who had his whole life ahead of him. For seven days straight, every day his parents would come in from 9-10 am...
September 8, 2017
Funeral Home and Cremations 0000062 Funeral Life Well Remembered John Caffrey

The Motorcycle and
the Scooter

As I was waiting in the foyer of the funeral home, I was feeling the usual stress and tension that one feels when they are meeting the family of a younger person who has died....
September 8, 2017
Funeral Home and Cremations 0000063 Funeral Life Well Remembered Austin Bremner

A Terrible Tragedy, Squared

Follow Rather than Lead Several years ago, as a Certified Funeral Celebrant, I co-created my most challenging funeral experience to date. What set this apart from any other service were the unfortunate circumstances this family...
September 8, 2017
Funeral Home and Cremations 0000060 Funeral Life Well Remembered Lauren Hayes


Out of all the families I’ve had the privilege of working with, there’s one I won’t forget. I received a call in the middle of the night from a woman who just lost her middle-aged...
September 8, 2017
Funeral Home and Cremations 0000059 Funeral Life Well Remembered Dvanderploeg

The Dining Room Table

My cell phone buzzed early one morning alerting me to a death call. Hoping not to wake up my family, I crept downstairs to a room where I could talk to the surviving family members...
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