Best Places for Scattering Ashes in Union, New Jersey

Best Places for Scattering Ashes in Union, New Jersey

Are you considering cremation services in Union, NJ as a way to pay tribute to your loved one? While many people who opt for cremation with Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC either keep the ashes at home or inter them in a grave or vault, more people are choosing to scatter the ashes at a meaningful location. In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know before scattering ashes, and the best places to carry out this tradition.

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Where to Scatter Ashes in New Jersey?


  • Memorial Gardens

If you’ve chosen to scatter the ashes on-site at a cemetery, one of the most popular choices is in a dedicated memorial garden. These peaceful glens aren’t dedicated to any specific decedents, but are a place for all those mourning a loved one to gather. It’s common to sprinkle ashes there and know that you’re leaving your loved one’s remains in a place where many have come before to say goodbye.

  • High Points

Do you have a dramatic mountain, hilltop, or lighthouse near your home? Many people choose to scatter the ashes at the highest point they can get to easily – or not so easily, if you’re interested in an adventure. The adrenaline of a tough hike with family and friends, up stairs or a trail, heightens the emotions of the moment. Released atop the high point, the ashes drift peacefully into the air and are scattered by the wind.

  • Water Goodbyes

Whether you have a small local lake or access to the ocean, water burials for ashes are one of the most common choices. As ashes are non-toxic and safe for the environment, you don’t have to worry about the impact on any local sea life. If you want a more controlled release, coral balls are a unique option that places the ashes in a vessel designed for ocean life to grow on and turn into a small ecosystem.

  • Passions in Life

If your loved one spent lots of their time in a specific location, property managers are often willing to arrange a final goodbye. This is especially common with sports venues, where superfans of the team want to rest forever at the site of their favorite players. While scatterings during a game are uncommon, the team is often willing to arrange an after-hours ceremony for the family.

  • National Parks

Nine amazing National Parks within the state of New Jersey provide spectacular scenery and are popular with visitors for scattering ashes. However, each park has different rules on how to scatter one’s loved ones remains so it is important to contact them ahead of time if you plan on doing this type service at any given location – even though there’s no need in getting permission from every single place where people like placing flowers or tributes as their final send off into eternity!

  • From an Airplane

In New Jersey, there is no law that restricts how much you can scatter your loved one’s ashes in the sky. However, be careful because federal law prohibits dropping any objects from up high and onto people or property below- this includes all cremation urns used for scattering purposes!


Scattering Ashes Meaning

Ash scattering is an environmentally friendly way to show your concern for the earth. When you scatter the ashes, there’s no land used as a burial site and can conserve natural resources like trees or water sources which might be needed in case of drought. It may also symbolize freedom from our loved ones’ spirits; this idea has been found among Hindus who practice Hinduism- similar religions have different views on how bestows scattered their departed souls depending on what they believe about death before passing away.

The scattering of remains is a ritual that allows you to let go and move on from your loved one. It’s also about liberation, freedom, peace for oneself as well as the release of grief or sorrows in general – both emotional and spiritual levels thereof.
It also symbolizes returning them back into the earth circle where all life continues circularly.

What Will I Need for Scattering Ashes?

Whenever you choose our cremation services, you’ll receive a basic cremation urn which will keep the ashes safe until you transfer or scatter them. This can be used for scattering the ashes, but if you want greater control over the distribution, we recommend one of our special scattering urns. Scattering urns have a controlled release that makes it easy to scatter the ashes slowly and take at the moment as you say goodbye.

Is It Legal and Safe to Scatter Ashes in New Jersey?

The cremation process, both traditional cremation and Aqua-cremation using alkaline hydrolysis, break the body down to the minerals in bones. The remains are completely sterile and safe to scatter in any public location. New Jersey laws do not regulate the scattering of ashes in public places, so there should be no issue with a scattering in a park or lake. If you’re interested in a scattering at a private location, Find us on the web to discuss possible arrangements.

One of the biggest positives of cremation services in Union, NJ is that the power is in your hands. How do you want to memorialize your loved one? Contact Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC to start the process today.

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