Elireste Morency
09/10/1953 - 01/20/2015

ODE TO Elireste Morency

Mother to family, orphans, and strangers

Protector of those in need

you shared unconditional love without judgment and welcomed

all to your humble home

Grandmother to family, orphans and strangers

You continue to live as a symbol of strength, resilience, and

humanitarian grace

A server to God, family and stranger alike

Your inspiration guided generations to embrace hope, goodwill, and independence through self-awareness and education

Friend to family, church and community

You guided us with tender communication, open arms, and


May Heavens doors welcome you with love, grace and joy just as you shared and welcomed to those of us on Earth

You will be greatly missed by all of those left behind:

Your beloved friend and father of your children Clotaire Jean-Philippe;

Your children: Ford (Eliane) Jean-Philippe, Edith Jean-Philippe (John), Natima (Roger) Lavine, Ted

Jean-Philippe (Christina), Riccardi (Nadia) Jean-Philippe, and Edson Jean-Philippe;

Your Brothers: M’ezier Morency, Antoine Morency, Harry Morency and Erissa Morency;

Your Sisters: Augusna Morency and Siliana Morency;

Grandchildren: Fordiane Jean-Philippe, Stevens Charles-Pierre, Ricky Jean-Philippe, Isaiah Lavine, Alexis Jean-Philippe, Brandon Jean-Philippe, Zachary Lavine, Iverson Jean-Philippe, Aisha Lavine, Richard Jean-Philippe, Juda Lavine, Vincent Jean-Philippe

And not forgetting the countless numbers of those unnamed and adopted to whom she welcomed as family.

Your greatness will be remembered and eternalized by us all.

Relatives and close friends are invited to visit on January 30th from 6-9pm at the Pentecostal Church. A memorial service will be held on January 31st at 9:00am at the Pentecostal Church. Interment will follow at Hollywood Cemetery.

Please note: Due to the limited size of the funeral

accommodations, attendance is limited to family and close friends. If you would like pay your respects and condolences, please generously donate to the Colon Cancer Alliance foundation Blue Star Tribute.


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