Frequently Asked Questions About Green Services at New Providence, NJ Funeral Homes

Frequently Asked Questions About Green Services at New Providence, NJ Funeral Homes

With every passing year, more of our families are coming to us requesting sustainable or green services for their loved one. If you’re interested in hosting a green service with New Providence, NJ funeral homes, the first step is to talk to our experienced funeral director and staff. At Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC, we’re committed to a more sustainable memorial service, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about green services.

What Are Some Common Ways to Create a More Sustainable Service?

One of the easiest ways to cut down on the carbon footprint of the memorial service you’re hosting is with a focus on the little things. Switching out new for recycled paper on the funeral programs, for instance, has a big impact when hundreds of programs are being printed. The same goes for the flowers and funeral arrangements, which can be switched out for sustainable options without the mass-produced cutting of standard choices.

What Are Some Sustainable Choices for Catering?

If you choose to have a catered memorial service, we have partnerships with many local businesses to cater your service at a reduced rate. If you’re looking for an option that will have a gentler impact on the environment, consider a vegetarian or vegan meal. These can be catered by many local restaurants, and are both a healthier choice and one with a lower carbon footprint, as well as being good for those with restricted diets.

What Are Sustainable Choices for Burial?

If you’re choosing a traditional earth burial for your loved one, one of the biggest choices you’ll make is the casket. Most caskets are made of wood, and it’s easy to make a sustainable choice with a casket made of recycled wood and fabric. It’s also easier to have a sustainable funeral with a natural burial that eschews common choices like embalming. These options use chemicals, and can be eliminated for burials that take place soon after we receive the body.

Are Remote Services Possible?

A large event will always raise the carbon footprint, which is why more families are choosing to have a small service for close family and friends and take advantage of our digital program. It’s possible to livestream the service around the world, letting people who couldn’t fly into the service see the service as it happens. A virtual guestbook also allows people to leave messages and memories on the website.

Is It Possible to Raise Money for a Good Cause?

One popular choice of our eco-minded families is to use our online portal to raise money for a chosen charity. It’s common to ask well-wishers to send a donation instead of flowers or other gifts. Not only does this free up space in the home and reduce the service’s carbon footprint, but it’s a great way to raise money for a good cause. Environmental charities including animal welfare or conservation are both popular.

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If you’re considering an eco-friendly service at New Providence, NJ funeral homes, the first place to start is with a meeting with our specialists. Contact Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC to set up a consultation today.

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