Decisions to Consider for Funeral and Cremation Services in Chatham, NJ

As the person responsible for designing end of life services for a loved one, you will be facing many decisions in the planning process. What is the right way to create an event that honors the person’s memory, while also respecting the traditions and culture of the family? Our team at Wm. A. Bradley & Son Funeral Home is here to help you work through the details that need to be addressed for funeral and cremation services in Chatham, NJ.

Bradley & Son Funeral Homes’ 80 years of service and experience within our communities has grown and adapted to serve the needs of every family at every time of need. Throughout every stage of the journey, Bradley Funeral Homes offers a truly personalized experience through our complete array of services.

Whether you want to keep it simple with direct cremation, or you are planning a full funeral service, we believe that every family has the right to a personalized experience. Our team is here to answer questions, offer support, and provide advice as you are navigating the many available options. 

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Full-Service Solutions for Funeral and Cremation in Chatham, NJ

At Wm. A. Bradley & Son Funeral Home, we are here to provide the solutions needed when you have questions about funeral planning. Our approach is to offer a full-service experience, which means that all necessary products and services are available through one provider. There’s no need for you to hire multiple companies for the unique details you would like to include in the event. Instead, share your desires with our team and we’ll help with the creation and implementation of a plan that is perfect for your needs.

Our funeral service can be designed around both traditional burial and cremation. Additionally, we also offer unique services, such as a green burial. You’ll find that our funeral home is a safe, comfortable place where you can customize the services. Our team promises the highest levels of respect for every family.

Laying Your Loved One to Rest

One of the main decisions is how your loved one will be laid to rest. Here are a few options you might consider:

  • Cemetery Burial: The placement of the remains in a cemetery can be arranged for both casket burial and cremation if desired. Families find solace and comfort in the opportunity to visit a dedicated place where the individual was laid to rest. We can assist with all details of a cemetery burial, including coordination with the cemetery staff, the selection of a casket, and planning graveside services if desired.
  • Memorial Urn: After cremation, you aren’t required to place the ashes in a cemetery if that isn’t your desired way to lay the deceased to rest. Some families choose a memorial urn that can be placed at home or any other location of choice. You will find a variety of urns offered through our funeral home. Or, you are welcome to purchase the urn in another location. After cremation, the ashes will be placed in the container of your choice.
  • Scattered Ashes: Do you feel that it would be appropriate to scatter the ashes? Choose a location that is special or meaningful to your loved one. For example, scattering can be arranged over open water, or you can take the ashes to your favorite family destination as a way to honor the memories shared over the years.
  • Memorial Products: Sometimes families want to share the ashes among many people. These ashes can be split into memorial jewelry and other commemorative products. This service allows you to keep a piece of the loved one with you at all times.

Event to Honor the Deceased

The second decision for funeral and cremation planning in Chatham, NJ is if you would like to hold an event in honor of your loved one. You might stick with a traditional funeral, or choose something informal such as a celebration of life. Here are a few things to consider as you are designing the perfect event:

  • Traditional Funeral: Traditionally, funeral services are held in a church or funeral home. It is common to coordinate a program that includes speeches, memories, poetry, and music. The goal is to highlight the life accomplishments and unique personality traits of the loved one. A traditional funeral might include a viewing before the event, as well as a graveside service before the casket is placed in the ground. Traditional funerals can be combined with either casket burial or cremation.
  • Memorial Service: The next option is to schedule a memorial service if desired. This service is similar to a funeral, but there is one distinguishing difference: the casket and remains of the deceased are not present at the event.
  • Celebration of Life: Instead of a formal gathering, you might consider the option to hold a party-like event where friends and family and invited to celebrate the person’s life.

Support with Funeral Planning

Funeral planning doesn’t have to be a complicated experience. Our team is here to offer the support you need for funeral and cremation services in Chatham, NJ. Visit Wm. A. Bradley & Son Funeral Home at the nearest location: 345 Main St Chatham, NJ 07928. Call: (973) 635-2428.

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