Cost Considerations for Funeral and Cremation Planning in Summit, NJ

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It’s no surprise that planning a funeral can be expensive. But end of life services shouldn’t cause a financial burden on your family. Instead, you can be smart about the funeral planning to design a respectful, affordable funeral and cremation service in Summit, NJ.

As you are considering your options for these services, Bradley, Brough & Dangler Funeral Home is here to assist. We offer multiple funeral homes in the local area, as well as a variety of funeral packages to support your needs. Our team promises transparency every step of the way. You can have the peace of mind in knowing that we are proactive in maintaining affordable funeral solutions for all families.

Costs of Funeral and Cremation Services in Summit, NJ

The overall cost of the event will depend on specific services that are selected. You can design a funeral that is elaborate or simple. While funeral packages are offered, these services are general outlines of the events that are available. It’s up to each family to hand-pick the specific details that will honor the memory of their loved ones.

The more you add to your funeral plan, the higher the costs will be. Here are some of the details that can influence the price you pay for funeral and cremation in Summit, NJ:

  • Burial Costs: When the deceased is laid to rest in a cemetery, then you will need to pay for specific burial costs. Common expenses include the casket, vault, graveside services, burial plot, cemetery fees, transportation for the procession, a headstone, and more. Even though these details add to the overall expenses, many families feel it is worth the cost because they want to maintain funeral traditions that have been shared over the years.
  • Cremation: One of the most affordable options is to choose cremation instead of a traditional casket burial. Cremation can be completed without unnecessary funeral services. You might choose to invest in a beautiful memorial urn, or keep it simple with a basic container for the ashes.
  • Event Venue: It is common for families to hold events where loved ones can gather. A funeral or memorial is often a formal gathering, held in a church or funeral home. You might have costs for the venue use, depending on the location you choose for the funeral. Another option is to hold a celebration of life, which can also incur the costs of the venue. Or, if you are looking for a way to keep costs low, then a small memorial can be held at home without the support of the funeral home staff. Alternatively, some families schedule an informal time to meet so loved ones can scatter the ashes together.
  • Embalming: If you would like to have a viewing before the burial or cremation, then embalming is required to preserve the body for the event. This service is optional if you are choosing cremation or a closed-casket service.
  • Additional Services: Other costs can be added on, depending on the unique needs of your family. You might have expenses for transportation, ship-out services, catering, memorial products, green burial, and more.
  • Funeral Home: Also, don’t overlook the fact prices vary among funeral homes. While you can compare the cost of available services, it is more important to be sure that you are working with a reputable, experienced team for funeral services.

The most important thing that you can do is talk to our funeral home staff before finalizing the details of the event. We will share information about the cost of specific funeral packages, as well as any other fees that might need to be paid.

Focusing on What Really Matters

While it is smart to be budget-conscious when planning a funeral, don’t be so focused on the expenses that you overlook the things that really matter. Remember that a funeral or memorial service is your last opportunity to honor the memories shared with your loved one. Many families agree that it is worth the expense to ensure that no details are overlooked in the funeral plan.

One solution is to design an event that includes all necessary services for traditional funeral services, without adding on unnecessary details.

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

  • What will I need to start on pre-planning in Summit, NJ?
  • We’ll need legal documents including your birth certificate, plus information on your will and anyone you want to give legal power to if choices need to be made after you’re gone. If you want any organizations involved in your funeral, such as the US military or any professional organizations or unions, we should have copies of your membership or service records. Know more about advance planning in Summit, NJ here.
  • What does digital outreach program in funeral mean?
  • Digital services programs are designed to let people interact from a world away, with virtual guestbooks, live-streaming of services, and online memory boards. People can leave their condolences, donate to funeral costs or a chosen charity, and share memories from around the world. Click here for other creative additions to services in funeral homes.
  • How much does cremation cost?
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