Family Traditions for Funeral and Cremation Services in Union, NJ

cremation services in Union, NJAt Bradley, Haeberle & Barth Funeral Home, we recognize that every funeral should be as unique as the person being honored. Our team offers a listening ear so we can learn more about your preferences that details that need to be included to make it a memorable event. We encourage families to be proactive in designing personalized funeral services.

When designing a personalized funeral, one of the most important things you can do is consider the unique traditions and customs that have been carried through the generations in your family. Do you have specific songs or rituals that should be part of the event? Is there a certain way the person should be laid to rest? The benefit of choosing our team for funeral and cremation planning in Union, NJ is that we honor and support your traditions.

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Throughout a lifetime, families develop traditions that make them unique. At Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC, we understand the importance of family traditions and offer funeral services to honor those that have passed on. We work with you to create an event customized to your needs and wishes so that it reflects what means the most to you as a family. From our service options for funeral homes in Union, NJ including cremations or burial services, there is something perfect for any budget or preference. Our goal is not only preserve memories but also provide peace during this difficult time by providing exquisite care at affordable pricing.
We are here for you through every step of this process: from planning ahead with funeral arrangements all the way until after the memorial.

Tips for Personalizing Funeral and Cremation Services in Union, NJ

It can be difficult to plan a funeral if you do not have any family traditions or don’t know many details about the deceased. It is important that their ceremony reflects who they were and what was meaningful in life, though. Some ideas for this are choosing your own eulogy reading rather than using one provided by others; writing songs as part of the service instead of just playing pre-recorded ones; being able to choose from multiple types of music (i.e., classical vs contemporary) during the procession and reception portions so all attendees feel included no matter which style resonates with them most dearly while also avoiding redundancy among other aspects such as speeches given at different points throughout time inside or outside on location closer yet still close enough where loved

  • Casket or Urn: The design of the product can be a reflection of your loved one. We offer color and designs, giving families more flexibility in choosing products that are perfect for them. If you know someone who would have wanted to see their friends before they passed away then we recommend an open casket funeral service where people could write notes with black marker on white paper right at the burial site. For those individuals looking for something classy and traditional, then urns may be just what you’re after!
  • Event Services: Consider the ways that we can honor a person’s memory at their funeral or memorial service. You could develop an event geared towards pictures and music with family members’ favorite stories, songs, etc., to create a personalized tribute video for others in attendance; alternatively you might choose from one of our pre-made programs like “Celebration”, which includes uplifting items such as humorous anecdotes about your loved ones life and positive memories shared by close friends. Perhaps the size of this gathering matches what is most appropriate for individual needs – whether it be large celebrations where all are welcome (as opposed to smaller gatherings) or informal events held in private venues so those who feel more comfortable will not have any worries while they say goodbye
  • Memorial Products: When cremation is the preferred method for end of life services, you have flexibility regarding how to lay your loved one’s ashes. You can utilize commemorative urns if you want something that will stay on display at home as a way to remember them fondly. Or instead consider other memorial products such as jewelry made from their remains with multiple pieces which can be shared among family members who may not live near by and still wish to honor the memory of someone they care about deeply
  • Activities: Funerals are not a time to be sad. They’re an opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the life of someone special while they remember their memories together. This is why it’s important that funerals don’t just involve sitting in a chapel listening to presentations, but instead host activities that engage participants with what person loved most about themself – whether this was sports or cooking food from around the world.
  • Ashes: After cremation, consider other ways the ashes can be laid to rest. Some families choose a beautiful memorial garden where they scatter them with flowers as a reminder of all that was experienced throughout life while others plant their loved one’s urns in trees or find special locations for scattering the remains-sometimes even near family pets who have also passed on.
  • Green Burial: When you are looking into how to best farewell your loved one, consider green burial. This is an alternative option for those who want their funeral services to be eco-friendly and sustainable like them. An environmentally conscious casket can minimize the use of unsustainable materials that might typically go into a traditional coffin so there’s less impact on our planet in turn.
    Green burials offer an opportunity for people with environmental concerns or active lifestyles take care of themselves after death while minimizing any negative effects they have had on the environment through life choices like home remodeling projects and car ownership by using reclaimed wood from old buildings as part of construction process when available instead plastic composite material which has more significant effect during production phase

What are the specific interests of your loved one? Look for ways that you can add their personality and interests to the event. Our team will show you that every family deserves custom services for funeral and cremation planning in Union, NJ.

Caring Services for Funeral Planning

Before you get started with funeral planning, it can be smart to compare the local services. The most important detail is to choose a funeral director you can trust. There’s no question that the quality of the funeral home will have an impact on the outcome of the event.

For more than three generations, Bradley & Son Funeral Home has been committed to providing our Union and surrounding communities with the best funeral experience for families going through what is often one of life’s most difficult times. You’ll be greeted by an experienced staff that will help you commemoratively celebrate the life of your loved one while ensuring their final arrangements are uniquely personal.

Wanting to pay tribute to an individual who meant so much in their lives? For a fraction of what it might cost at another funeral home, we can arrange cremations and they’re always handled with dignity. Come tour our beautifully designed facility or contact us for assistance when arranging your family’s next memorial service.

We are here to assist with all the details for both traditional funerals and unique services. You can learn more about our company to see that we have been serving the community for years. We’ve expanded to offer five funeral homes in the local area, ensuring your comfort and convenience.

If you need help with immediate funeral planning, then you can call us right away. Or, consultations can be scheduled if you would like to discuss options for preplanning. We offer a variety of funeral packages and a streamlined system to reduce your stress during this experience.

For help with funeral and cremation planning in Union, NJ, visit Bradley, Haeberle & Barth Funeral Home at 1100 Pine Ave Union, NJ 07083. Call anytime to talk to a licensed, experienced funeral director: (908) 686-6666.

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

  • What are the questions to ask when considering a cremation service in Union, NJ?
  • How does cremation work?
  • Can I combine cremation with funeral?
  • Can I arrange my own memorial?
  • Any environment friendly options for cremation?
  • How do I make sure that I’m receiving the right remains?
  • Learn more.
  • Is it legal and safe to scatter cremated ashes?
  • The remains are completely sterile and safe to scatter in any public location. NJ laws do not regulate the scattering of ashes in public places, so there should be no issue with a scattering in a park or lake. If you’re interested in a scattering at a private location, contact the owner to discuss possible arrangements. Learn more about scattering cremated ashes here.
  • Why should I pre-plan my funeral?
  • One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is to plan your funeral now. We know it’s a difficult thing to consider, but advance planning brings comfort and relief from emotional and financial distress when the time of death comes. Learn more about pre-planning here.
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