How Long Can You Postpone Cremation Services?

How Long Can You Postpone Cremation Services?


The body of a deceased person decomposes as soon as they die. Preserving the remains requires quick handling. Planned funerals, however, can take a long time. Arrangements for a deceased person’s funeral can be made after he or she passes away, including determining the deceased’s final wishes and notifying the deceased’s family. It can be difficult for a family to process the cremation of a loved one after their passing. By staying up-to-date on embalming and preservation procedures, you can avoid having to make last-minute arrangements in the case of an embalming or preservation emergency. There may be a delay in cremation services in Summit, NJ, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Religious Reasons

Religious beliefs, such as the belief that a deceased person should be buried on the same day, should be respected when dealing with a deceased person’s remains. After death, a loved one’s cremation is followed by a funeral service. According to the religious requirements, you may need to wait a few days before hosting a special religious service.

Family Reasons

Family members may need to postpone the service in the event they cannot attend. Most people who live overseas or travel cannot attend funerals due to their location. In the case that the funeral cannot be held for a few weeks or more, you might consider holding a memorial service. A funeral is a time to share memories with friends and family while remembering the deceased.

Legal Reasons

Police are responsible for investigating deaths caused by crimes. Depending on the circumstances, a funeral may need to be delayed by the law. Depending on the circumstances, cremations or funerals can be postponed for seven days. Postponing or even holding the service on a specific date could be necessary for many reasons.

Delay To Receive Body

The embalming of unidentified or missing persons is therefore impossible. There can be a loss of time as a result of these circumstances. An immediate memorial service can help ease grief after a loss.cremation services in Summit, NJ

Usually, the death’s effects on public health aren’t felt for several days after it occurs. It is not necessary to embalm the body immediately, but it is required within 24 hours. A body can be preserved in a morgue for up to one week. It takes about a week for the body to decompose, regardless of whether it is embalmed. Approximately one week passes after an embalmed body has been embalmed. For the embalming process to begin, it is important that all family members are informed as soon as possible of the death.

Decomposition is slowed by this process, but it does not stop it. Upon removal from the cremation chamber, cremated remains will be refrigerated. Cremation documents and a death certificate will be prepared before the cremation. With our help, you can postpone cremation services in Summit, NJ. If you need assistance with planning, please do not hesitate to contact us. Any questions you may have can be directed to us at any time.

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