How To Make A Closed Casket Funeral More Personal

How To Make A Closed Casket Funeral More Personal

It may not be possible to hold an open casket funeral in all circumstances. A casket may be kept closed by some individuals for whatever reason they choose. This type of service is offered frequently, but is less popular because it is less individualized. Most people are uncomfortable with the closed casket because it prevents them from seeing their loved ones and saying their last goodbye. If there is no other option, then you may want to think about including these personal touches in your closed casket service at funeral homes in Summit, NJ.

Use Photos

Photos may be inserted in place of opening a casket to allow loved ones to pay their respects. A large photo or several small photos can be used to remember the deceased. You can add as many photos as you like. Even other family members can contribute photos for the funeral by making collages. Attendees of the memorial service will feel closer to the deceased if they do so and get a little more closure.

Play A Video

There are many special moments that can be captured on video, including those shared with a family member or loved one. As a slideshow with photos of the deceased or as a compilation of video clips, a video can be made. Guests can view the video during the funeral service in order to relax and reflect on their memories. In addition, it is possible to make copies of the DVD for the benefit of family members and friends who may wish to keep it in memory of their loved one. Sometimes people wish they had something special to take home from the funeral in memory of the deceased, and that can be the perfect option for them.

Offer Eulogies

By inviting the attendees to say a few words in their eulogies, everyone can feel connected to the deceased. An entertaining memory of the deceased or a funny incident can be shared. Additionally, it will serve as a reminder of all the good times the deceased and his or her friends had together. Furthermore, you can invite other people to participate in singing, reading, and telling stories. Thefuneral homes in Summit, NJ process can take some time, so you might want to plan for this early on so that not everyone will try to share their story and you will be able to listen to only a few.

A closed casket service at funeral homes in Summit, NJ can be personalized in many ways. It is important to consider many things, but the suggestions above give you a few points to consider. Getting some ideas from friends and family would also be a good idea. Please contact us if you need assistance in arranging a funeral. We are happy to assist you regardless of whether the casket is open or closed. Call or come by to speak with one of our representatives. We are here to answer your questions and assist you through each step of the planning process

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