How To Plan A Simple Cremation

How To Plan A Simple Cremation

Whether you want a simple cremation or one that’s more elaborate, you can customize it. There are many details and special things that are included in a traditional funeral as well. Cremation is often seen as a simple process, and many people do not want much fuss made during their last days. Cremation services in New Providence, NJ are tailored to meet your wishes, as well as those of your loved ones. Before deciding between a direct cremation and a simple cremation, consider the following factors.

Direct Cremation


In terms of simplicity and speed, direct cremation is the best choice. An individual can be cremated immediately following death. If you don’t want anything elaborate and would rather that your loved one be buried without wasting a lot of money and time, you might want to consider cremation. In addition to providing your loved one with the cremation service they deserve at a reasonable cost, you can also provide them with this service. Direct cremation is an excellent option for those desiring a quick burial for their loved ones. It is generally fairly straightforward to plan a direct cremation so that your loved one can say goodbye in a timely manner.

Small Gathering


Some guests can attend the cremation, even though it is a simple service. Invite only a few close friends and family members to a memorial service or cremation ceremony. During the funeral reception, guests will have the opportunity to remember and share memories of the deceased. Consequently, you will save money on services and avoid a lot of preparation. Tell your guests the reception is a celebration of the life of your loved one and honors his or her memory.

Keep It Natural


Cremation services in New Providence, NJ

Simple is better, so don’t add a lot of stuff instead of keeping it natural. Cremate the body as quickly as possible so that embalming isn’t necessary. Clothing can be removed, the body can be cremated naturally, and the body can be left naked. The reason people favor cremation instead of a traditional funeral service is that they do not want to dress up for it. An urn can also be used to contain the ashes naturally. You can make sure the cremation goes exactly how your loved one would have wanted it by honoring the final wishes of your loved one.

You have several options available when it comes to cremation services in New Providence, NJ. . Simple cremations require little planning and involve fewer people, so they are an excellent choice if you want an easy cremation. Please contact us if you would like assistance with planning. We will arrange all cremation services for you. We welcome questions at any time. Throughout the entire cremation process, you need not be stressed. It’s possible to arrange everything so that you feel satisfied and so that your deceased loved one receives a proper farewell. Feel free to contact us or come see us if you need help making your cremation plans or have any questions about the services we offer.

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