How To Reuse Funeral Flowers

How To Reuse Funeral Flowers

If you’re planning a funeral at funeral homes in Union, NJ, you can expect to receive lots of flowers. Many people choose to send flowers as a way to sympathize and share their thoughts and condolences. Flowers can make the funeral more personal and beautiful, but it can be difficult to know what to do with all the flowers at the end of the memorial service. There are actually many ways to reuse your funeral flowers. Here are some you may want to try for yourself.

Dry Them


If you want your flowers to last for years, one of the easiest ways to do this is to dry them. To do this, place them on a newspaper in a dry location or put them between the pages of a book to press them as they dry. Once the flowers are completely dry, you can place them in a frame or use them for other crafts or projects that you may prefer. You can display them in your home, or even use them to decorate tombstones in graveyards and urn areas. Dried flowers can last as long as they are stored safely.

Create A Memorial Garden


When you receive flowers that are planted in baskets and are not cut, you have the option to plant them at your own home. They may even come up each year if they happen to be perennial plants. You can plant these in a small garden near your home and when they grow back each year, you will have a nice memorial for your deceased loved one. Many of these flowers will also get much larger as they grow every year so your garden will grow each year in honor of the life of your deceased loved one.

Make Jewelry


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If you are planning to make the flowers into something special that you can share with your family members and friends, you may want to consider turning them into beads. If you have a lot of beads, you can offer the jewelry as gifts to anyone who was close to the deceased or related to them. This can give them something special to have in their memory as well. You can even create personalized pieces that help you feel close to the deceased or allow you to show off a little of their personality so you are reminded of them. You can find tutorials for making these jewelry pieces many different places online

If you decide to have a funeral service at funeral homes in Union, NJ and you are wondering what you can do with the flowers you receive at the funeral, you might want to consider reusing them in some way. The suggestions above will allow you to recycle the flowers so you don’t just have to toss them out. You can choose to make something with the flowers that you can keep for yourself or you might want to come up with some projects that will allow you to share gifts with other. If you need help planning a service for a loved one, give us a call.

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