How To Use Candles In Funeral Services

How To Use Candles In Funeral Services

If you need to provide funeral services for your loved ones at a funeral homes in New Providence, NJ, and you need help adding shells and other coastal decorations to the service, you can consider several different options. Here are some tips and ideas to help you plan and ensure that your loved ones will still be passionate about shells while you spend the last moments with your family. You can use these and other methods to create beautiful, personalized funeral services that your loved ones deserve.


Many people choose to use candles in their funeral services. You can add them to candles and refine them with shells. You can use shells as a creative way to dress them and provide them with beach style. If you make the candle yourself, you can add the shell to the candle when you pour the candle into the mold. You can also work with the s candles that you buy and add a shell to the top of the candle. If you want to decorate the outside of the candle, you can glue the shell to the side or jar where they are placed, and then glue them to the ribbon.


You can choose to use a photo of the shell instead of the actual shell. You will be surprised to find that there are many ways to use shell images in services. You can add shell images to cards or other commemorative items and distribute them with the shell images of the deceased. You can also make shell posters that can be hung on the wall or around the coffin so that you can display your work and include themes. If your lover has collected shells and beach accessories, this will be a good decoration for your service.

Flower Decorations

If you want to order or organize flowers by yourself, you can add shells to the flowers at any time. Just stick them onfuneral homes in New Providence, NJ the ribbon or stem. You can do this with ribbon or even twine. You can simply stick or wear the shells on the ribbon, and then tie them to the stem of the plant. You can also add seashells to items used to display plants, such as vases or buckets. Most people have flowers at a funeral service and if you don’t want to get too fancy with the shell décor, this is a subtle way to include it without making it over the top.

Losing a loved one and planning a funeral at funeral homes in New Providence, NJ is not easy, but over time, knowing that you followed the wishes of your loved ones and held a funeral for them that you would like. This can be a great comfort. Mourn. If you plan to add shells and other coastal decorations to your funeral service, there are a few things to consider. The above tips are just some tips to remember. If you are ready to plan the funeral of your loved one, please contact Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC. We are here to provide all your funeral service needs.

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