How We’re Helping Families at Union, NJ Funeral Homes

How We’re Helping Families at Union, NJ Funeral Homes

Every time a family walks through the doors of Union, NJ funeral homes, they’re preparing to pay a final tribute to someone they loved. That’s why at Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC, we believe that part of our job is to provide the support these families need at a difficult time in their lives. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways we go above and beyond to help our families develop the perfect tribute to their loved one.

A Caring Funeral Director

The best funeral homes have someone at the head who takes their job seriously – not just in terms of arranging the affairs but in supporting their families. Our funeral director has an exhaustive knowledge of our many services and packages, but they also have a compassionate demeanor that provides needed comfort in a process that’s often hurried and chaotic. Planning a funeral is never easy, but it can be simpler with the right help.

Pre-Planning Services

The best way to ensure your family doesn’t have the stress of planning a funeral is to do it for them. Many of our clients come in while young and healthy to put a plan into writing for how they want to be remembered. Not only does this answer a lot of questions in advance, but it takes the pressure off their loved ones in the future. It’s even possible to set up a payment plan in advance so there’s nothing left for your family to do but attend the service you planned.

Grief Support

The funeral process moves fast, and often families are coming to see us less than a day after an unexpected death in the family. That’s why we provide on-site grief support for our families through licensed therapists, along with brochures for and links to many grief support groups around the Union, NJ area. If you’re looking for a specialized group, like one geared towards children, we can point you in the right direction.

On-Site Supplies

One of the biggest challenges of planning a funeral is to arrange all the supplies for the memorial service, including the funeral arrangements and any catering. That’s why the best funeral homes offer on-site shopping for everything the family needs. You’ll be able to shop for the supplies for the service alongside the casket or urn. If you want catering alongside the service, it can be arranged with many local businesses that partner with us.

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Flexible Timelines

We move fast when we get your call, springing into action to take custody of the body and take care of any legal issues. From there, the planning is up to you and you can schedule the memorial service at your convenience. We can arrange for a quick graveside service if your traditions indicate the body should be buried immediately, but a larger service can be scheduled at your convenience and the timeline of your guests.

At Union, NJ funeral homes, we hope to provide the vital support you need as you arrange a meaningful goodbye to your loved one. Contact Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC to set up an appointment today.


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