Maggie Miau-Chia Huang

Maggie Miau-Chia Huang
09/12/1938 - 06/26/2017

Maggie Huang aged 78, died early morning 26th of June, 2017, with her family besides her. She is survived by her loving husband David Huang and family. Maggie was a life long servant in God’s house, a devoted wife and mother. In her lifetime Maggie journey through several phases. Early in life she resided in a small fishing town in Taiwan. As the eldest daughter of 5 siblings, Maggie was dedicated to her family. To support her family finically, she had to end her education early and leave her hometown for a job at the telephone company. Living in the new city, she was introduce by friends to David Huang and later was married. Maggie then as always the gracious person, she also started financially to support her husband’s large family with 9 siblings. Maggie was valued at her job and rose to senior manager level before she left her position to be joint her husband’s newly formed architectural office. She became the office manager / book keeper in her new position and the architectural office flourished. With the new success in business Maggie switched her focus on the education of her two children. She embarked on the most daring journey of her life, up rooting her very established life she created in Taiwan and relocated herself and her two pre-teen children in Madison, New Jersey. Quickly, she created a new life in Madison, learned a new language and the intricacy of the new culture. The drive to establish her new long term root in Madison became her main concern. While her two children had student visa, with help of a friend from church, Maggie took a very challenging job caring for a mental disable child of the church friend. By doing so she paved the way for herself, her children and her husband to gain a permanent foot hold in Madison and beyond to create a new live. As Madison became her second home, Maggie continued her deep Christian devotion serving the Lord using her gifted sense of design and expressed them through her weekly elegant flower arrangement. She was also musically gifted and beautiful voice and severed in her church as the pianist and an alto in the choir. She will forever remembered by her elegant, humble, genteel way, tenderhearted, loving, gracious, kindhearted and courage by all of the people came into her life.

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