Marjorie FitzSimons Wade

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Marjorie FitzSimons Wade
02/28/1928 - 03/01/2013

Marjorie FitzSimons Wade-Morris County prosecutor’s Office

Marjorie F. Wade, passed away today at Morristown Medical Center after a short illness. She was predeceased by her husband of 46 years, Michael Patrick Wade. She is survived by her children LeslieAnne Wade and Michael Wade, and by three grandchildren; Margaret Cathleen, Gavin Michael and Ronan Patrick McGinn, as well as her longtime dear friend Margaret Williams. Marjorie served as a special assistant to the Morris County Prosecutor for 28 years working directly for prosecutors Peter Manahan, Lee Trumbull, Michael Murphy, Karen Kelly and her beloved John O;Reilly. She worked on many of county’s most significant cases alongside her most special friends Dorothy Barron, Trish Stewart, Nancy Carfaro and Helen Brady. She was a member of the parish at Holy Family, Florham Park, NJ when her children attended school there and she forever cherished in faith and friendship, the special congregation of Sisters of Christian Charity, Mendham, NJ who ran the school. She later became a member of St. Vinvent Martyr Parish, Madison, NJ where her own grandchildren attend school. She was member of the Delbarton Mother Guild in the 1980’s. Marjorie was born in New York, NY and was one of seven children of Marjorie Hastings and Garrett FitzSimons. She is survived by two sisters with who she has shared a lifetime of adventure, friendship and love; Joan FitzSimons and Patricia Frield. She met her husband while working for JP Stevens Textiles in New York City. She and her husband made their home in Florham Park for 44 years. She enjoyed an extended family of friendship with her neighbors on Sherbrooke Drive, which included Josephine and Vince Citarella, Priscilla and Joe Gallini, Sue and Marvin Bograd, Dale and Frank Pardo and meny others. She and her husband also enjoyed the community of Notre Dame Alumni from the University Class of 1956 and Red Bank Catholic Alumni from the Class of 1952. Her dear close friends Camille and Lou Vaiti shared the celebrations of Red Bank Catholic and life in Monmouth County, NJ with Marjorie and her husband. She is also eternally grateful to the William F. Ward family of Florham Park who took her in as one of their own and shared a lifetime of memories and milestones with her family.

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