New Trends in Summit, NJ Cremation Services

New Trends in Summit, NJ Cremation Services

At Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC, we’re always on the lookout for ways to serve our families better. This includes our program for cremation services in Summit, NJ, and we’ve stayed aware of all the recent trends in the cremation field, including ways to personalize the process and integrate the best of the cremation and funeral fields. In this article, we’ll look at some of the biggest new trends in cremation.

Fire-Free Cremations

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional cremation that doesn’t have the high heat and carbon emissions, many funeral homes are offering Aquamation, or alkaline hydrolysis. This natural process uses a heated alkaline solution to accelerate the process of natural decay, reducing a body to cremation ashes in under eight hours compared to the two to three for traditional cremation. The end result is as sterile and safe as the ashes from traditional cremation.

Living Memorials

Do you want your loved one’s final resting place after cremation to be a tribute to the natural ecosystem? Biodegradable urns containing a tree seed are a unique option that, when planted, eventually degrades and releases the seed to create a sapling that grows into a powerful tree. This will create a lasting, towering memorial that makes an ideal place for a memorial garden.

If you’re interested in an aquatic memorial, coral balls are a similar option. These spheres – complete with digital ID tag so you can locate them – are built in a way that encourages coral and other sea life to attach to them. Your loved one’s vessel becomes the center of its own small ocean ecosystem.

Artistic Farewells

As cremation ashes are sterile and safe to use in any substance, many people are choosing to incorporate them into a personal memorial. For artistic individuals, this can include stirring them into paint or ink to create a meaningful work of art. They can even be mixed into tattoo ink under the supervision of a skilled tattoo artist, so you’ll always have a piece of your loved one on you.

If you’re more interested in explosive tributes, third-party companies can create a fireworks display incorporating the ashes into the powder.

Scattering Ceremonies

Scattering the ashes has always been a popular option for cremation, but scattering ceremonies are gaining in popularity. Many people interested choose the basic cremation package and take the remains home, then organize a ceremony at a later date when more people can attend. Scattering ceremonies typically take place at a location meaningful to the family selected as a final resting place, and we offer a variety of scattering urns to make the process easier.

Split Remains

Do you have a large family and many people want to keep a part of the deceased with them? That’s why we offer options beyond the traditional large centerpiece urns. If you want to divide the ashes among the family, we can split them into several smaller urns, or a larger number of vials and pendants that family members can carry with them. Ashes can also be turned into gemstones through third-party companies.

Do these new trends appeal to you as a way to memorialize your loved one after Summit, NJ cremation services? Find us on our website or contact Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC to set up a consultation and begin the process.


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