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A Life Well-RememberedWe are here to help you create the ideal rememberance for you or your loved one - one that reflects a life well-remembered. We are dedicated to making your experience with Bradley Funeral Homes an unforgettable one - one in which your loved one is remembered vividly and you are able to begin the healing process.

The stories below are some particularly meaningful services that our funeral directors have helped create. They want to share these stories with you to show you their passion for co-creation of unforgettable services by making an emotional connection with each family that they serve.

We look forward to working with you to create an unforgettable experience.

 The Motorcycle and the Scooter        by  John Caffrey, Funeral Director
As I was waiting in the foyer of the funeral home, I was feeling the usual stress and tension that one feels when they are meeting the family of a younger person that has died.  What can I or anyone possibly say or do that will make them feel any better?  The cars pull in, the family gets out, the wife, the two daughters and their spouses and the son...       Continue reading

Hopes Dashed and A Short Life Honored      by  Charles Bechtold, Funeral Director
Exhausted from a long day of funerals and fixing problems with the company computer network I went home expecting to have some dinner and turn in early, but that was not to be.  I was contacted by our answering service to call the distressed sister of a woman who was going to deliver a baby within the next 24 hours; the baby was not likely to live long...    
Continue reading

The Dining Room Table       by  Dan VanderPloeg, Funeral Director
My cell phone buzzed early one morning alerting me to a death call.  Hoping not to wake up my family I crept downstairs to a room where I could talk to the surviving family members of the deceased. I could tell they were very upset about their mom dying, and understandably so... Continue reading

A Terrible Tragedy, Squared      by  Austin Bremner, Certified Celebrant
I am a Certified Funeral Celebrant & Tribute Planner for Bradley Funeral Homes. Earlier this year, as a Certified Funeral Celebrant, I co-created my most challenging funeral experience to date.  What set this apart from any other service were the unfortunate circumstances this family was forced to deal with... Continue reading 

Handprints        by Lauren Hayes, Funeral Director
Out of all the families I've had the privilege of working with, there's one I won't forget. I received a call in the middle of the night from a woman who just lost her middle aged husband, suddenly. He died at home, and I spent the whole ride to their house feeling anxious - wondering how his wife must feel, and what I should say to make it better... Continue reading

To begin the planning process for yourself or a loved one, please click here and start the journey  Planning Arrangements. We will guide you through the steps and options - feel free to contact us at any time 973-908-6004.  We look forward to working with you.