Positive Trends at Union, NJ Funeral Homes

Positive Trends at Union, NJ Funeral Homes

When someone walks in our doors seeking help in planning a funeral, our job is to take the pressure off their shoulders and provide comfort. That’s why funeral homes in Union, NJ are learning and changing all the time to best serve our clients. Here are five of the newest trends that Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC is embracing to stay at the forefront of the funeral home world.

Family-Led Funerals

Our funeral director is always on hand to guide you through the process, and we can bring in any religious leader you want to lead the service. But more often, people are choosing to do away with a formal leader for the service and instead have those closest to the departed do most of the speaking. A family-led service is ideal for those who want a more personal touch and a lighter atmosphere filled with stories of happy times.

Green Burials and Memorials

One of the most common requests we hear from our clients, especially younger ones, is that they want a funeral and ceremony that takes the environment into account. Ways we’ve begun incorporating green traditions into our funeral home include greater use of biodegradable and renewable materials, specialty green products for cremation like biodegradable urns that turn into a tree, and availability for vegetarian options for catered memorials.

The New Cremation

Gone are the days when cremation was only seen as a cheaper and quicker alternative to traditional burial. Now, people who choose cremation have access to the same amenities and memorial options as anyone else who uses our service. After cremation services, you’ll have access to a wide range of options for the ashes, including one of the widest catalogs of unique urns available in New Jersey.

Digital Celebrations of Life

No matter how well a funeral and memorial is planned, not everyone will be able to be there. Some will be across the country or world with no way to travel in time. That’s why our digital services include an online tribute wall that allows people to post condolences and share memories from anywhere in the world. These stories can then be shared live at the ceremony. Many people also choose to fund-raise for a meaningful charity through their digital outreach.

Pre-Planning Services

One of the biggest stressors that people report about planning funerals is that everything happens so far. The best way to avoid your loved ones having to plan in a hurry is to leave a comprehensive plan for your memorial in advance. Our pre-planning service lets you make all major decisions, as many specifications as you want, and even pre-pay in installments to make sure your loved ones can honor you without any unexpected obligations.

Union, NJ funeral homes are always growing and changing to serve you better. Set up a consultation with Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC by visiting us at our Union office at 1100 Pine Ave, Union, NJ 07083, or reach us on our website or by phone at (908) 686-6666. We can also be found at our Chatham, Summit, Springfield, or Whippany locations.

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