Should Your Deceased Loved One Wear Makeup At Their Funeral?

Should Your Deceased Loved One Wear Makeup At Their Funeral?

If your loved one has recently died and you are planning a funeral at funeral homes in Union, NJ, there are many details that need to be resolved. One of the most common is whether you want your loved ones to wear makeup at their funeral service or viewing. Some people want a perfect make-up scene with their loved ones, while others prefer them to look more natural. You need to decide if you want them to wear makeup and how much to wear. Here are some tips to help you make a decision.

Did They Normally Wear Makeup?

If your loved one had a lot of makeup while they were living or preferred to look their best at all times, you might want them to wear it at their funeral as well. Many people wear makeup every day, and family and friends are accustomed to seeing them with it on. Adding make-up is the best way to make the body look natural, as it should. You want to make sure those who attend the funeral services are able to recognize their loved one so they can say their final goodbye to them and get the closure they need with their death.

Is Makeup Needed?

Sometimes your family member might have signs of accidents, medical equipment, or wounds or bruises that you would rather not see when they are in the casket and at the viewing. Even if your loved one didn’t wear much makeup during their lifetime and doesn’t need a full face, you’ll see these spots and marks without it, which can be shocking to those who are coming to pay their respects. You will want them to be covered so your loved one looks peaceful and like themselves. Makeup can help make this possible. This makes it easier for everyone to look at the body, show their honor, and reach closure about the death.

Did They Discuss It Before Passing?

If you could plan the funeral before your loved one died, they might have a preference and reveal it in theirUnion, NJ funeral homes discussion or will. Be sure to think about what your loved one wants. Unless they are makeup fans, they may not want to wear it at their funeral but may also leave it up to family members to decide on how they look. If you don’t like it, talk to other friends and family to see if you want your loved ones to wear makeup for their viewing.

If you’re planning a funeral service at funeral homes in Union, NJ, for your deceased loved one and need help deciding whether to make up for your loved one, remember the tips and ideas above. Please give me. Be sure to contact Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC when you are ready to make a plan. We will be happy to assist you with any questions or plans regarding funerals and cremations. Call us today to learn more about all the ways we can help you at the funeral of your loved one.

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