The Art of Celebrating Life

I had the honor and privilege of handling arrangements for a high school senior who had his whole life ahead of him. For seven days straight, every day his parents would come in from 9-10 am and spend an hour with their son and even bring in his pet gerbil. At the conclusion of this week, we took their son to his final resting place. Being by their side throughout this process was just the beginning of a life without their son.

All of his family wanted to celebrate the life he lived and have a non-traditional service. He was a talented artist and was involved in many extracurricular activities and clubs. I encouraged his parents to really make the service an exhibit of his work. We took every piece of art off the walls of the funeral home and replaced them with his original artwork. Each room in the funeral home had a theme throughout his life: early childhood, high school, and his college acceptance. It was a beautiful tribute to his life.

At the end of his services, we had a balloon release in the parking lot with all of his peers. I will always remember the vibrant, life-filled balloons gently floating towards the sky.

Jennifer Maraventano, Funeral Director

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