In Memory of
Peter Tak-Leung Lau 1951 - 2017

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Leo and Theresa Chan 25 Mar, 2017
from Hong Kong

Dearest Lisa and girls,
We are extremely sorry for your loss of your beloved. We want to let you know that our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you. Take Care, dear.
RIP, Peter.

Raymond Choy 25 Mar, 2017
from Edison, NJ

Dear Lisa, Jessica and Allison

With great sorrow, I am disheartened by your loss. There is no words fit enough to lessen your grieves nor expressions suitable enough to sooth your souls. I just wanted you to know that I am here to say farewell to my good friend who is leaving.

Peter, your friendship was a blessing.
The memories that you left behind shall forever be with me.
I miss you so!!

Antonio P S Chow 24 Mar, 2017
from Taipei, Taiwan

Dear Lisa, Jessica and Allison,
We are deeply sad for the loss of Peter: your beloved husband and father; our best friend since 1972. Our greatest sympathies and condolences. Tony and Nancy Chow

Hayley & Ronald Tam 24 Mar, 2017
from Hong Kong

Lisa, We are deeply saddened by the loss that you and your family have encountered. Our condolences.

Weijing Shi 24 Mar, 2017
from Jackson Heights, NY

This is Weijing 石姑娘, Peter! I had so many good memories with you since I knew you for almost 20 years. You had earned my deep respects by your dedication, kindness and integrity! You will be missed forever!!!

Helen and Chinatown NNORC 24 Mar, 2017
from New York, NY

Peter helped a lot of our clients since our program started 10 years ago. He is an knowledgeable and passionate man. He knows the needs of our community and never stop Diabetes teaching by writing articles for our quarterly newsletters even though he's a busy man. I always tell people that Peter is not only a pharmacist, but also a social worker in disguise! Peter, we miss you! Our condolences to your family.

Jack and Maggie 23 Mar, 2017
from New York, New York

I still remember one time when Maggie and I were doing voter registration right outside of Confucius Plaza, and I told Peter that this (voter reg)would continue to be a very rough road, Peter looked at me and said he would just do it without asking for the result, because someone must do it to keep the awareness.......

Peter, I still remember this and we miss you...

Regina Lee & Reinaldo Rivera 21 Mar, 2017
from New York, New York

Peter served on the board of the Chinatown Health Clinic Foundation and volunteered as a diabetes educator at the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center. We will remember Peter for his big heart and ready smile, and for contributing his time and talent to New York City's Asian American community.

Andrew and Fan 20 Mar, 2017
from Flushing, NY

We are deeply saddened by Peter's passing. He is a greatand generous person that everyone knows. Rest in peace Peter

KaKa Chan 20 Mar, 2017
from Staten Island, NY

Were sorry for the lost of Peter. He will always be remember as that boss/friend that would always be there for a coworker or friend in need. Thank you for being such a great boss. My condolences to you and your family.

Ming Zee 20 Mar, 2017
from New York, NY

I hope that our Lord brings you and your family the much-needed peace during this sad time. My condolences to you and your family.

Amanda Lin 20 Mar, 2017
from New York, NY

May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace to get you through the days ahead. My most sincere condolences.

Deborah chan 20 Mar, 2017
from New York, New York

Always remember Peter as a friend with a kind heart and caring for his family and the Asian community. He had made such a difference to all in need. May peace and comfort be with his family and loved ones.

VICTOR PAPA 20 Mar, 2017
from New York, NY

The news is staggering to the staff of the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council. We depended on Peter for advice and service to our community, which he gave so generously. His demeanor; always a gentleman. His wisdom: always superior. His generosity; limitless.

That such a leader can be lost to our community is inconsolable.

MAMIE M LAU 19 Mar, 2017
from Cliffside Park, New Jersey

I am deeply saddened by Peter's passing. I will always remember Peter's commitment to community service and his generosity to OCA-NJ.

Monique and Martin Tan 18 Mar, 2017
from Livingston, NJ

We are deeply saddened by the news of Peter's passing. It was an honor to have known such a great person and we will truly miss him. We remember Peter, not only smart and talented but always caring, ready to help, actively involved and supportive with friends, events and gatherings with the Indonesian community. We will cherish his memory. May his soul rest in peace. We firmly believe that God will accept him with open arms for all the good he has done on this earth. Our sincere condolences. We pray the love of God enfolds you during this difficult time

Theresa and Khie Go 18 Mar, 2017

It was with great sadness that we learned of Peter’s passing. Peter always made us laugh and tells jokes every time we get together, we loss a great friend. We honored and blessed to have known him. Now, the angels rejoice as a good soul has finally made its way home! Rest in peace Peter.

Jeff Ng 18 Mar, 2017
from Rochester Hills, MI

I am deeply saddened to know my good friend Peter is no longer with us. I will forever remember the good times we had together over the last 44 years: the Superbowl parties, Rutgers reunions, and especially trying to beat each other on the tennis court. You are loved by countless people, including me. Rest in peace Peter.