Ways to Make a Difference With Services at Union, NJ Funeral Homes

Ways to Make a Difference With Services at Union, NJ Funeral Homes

Saying goodbye to a loved one is always hard, but funeral homes in Union, NJ can make it easier by helping you use the service to make a positive impact in the world. At Bradley & Sons Funeral Homes, LLC we’re committed to helping the community and the world, and if your loved one had a passion for a specific cause we can work to incorporate that in any service plans. Here are a few ways that families have chosen to use their services to serve a greater good.

Greening the World

Instead of the traditional flowers, many clients are choosing to do funeral planning and arrangements in the form of still-living plants like flowering bushes. Instead of being taken home or discarded after the funeral, they’re then planted in a permanent home where they can grow long-term. For those who choose cremation, there’s also the option for a biodegradable urn. These urns break down when buried and release a tree seed which grows into a tall, long-lasting tree that makes a perfect memorial spot.

Fundraising for a Good Cause

Everyone who’s hosted a funeral knows that it’s usually followed by the arrival of many gifts and flowers from well-wishers and fellow mourners. These are a kind gesture, but can often take over the house during a chaotic time. For those who want to go a different route, it’s possible to ask for donations to a chosen cause in lieu of memorial gifts. The most common choices are funeral costs, medical charities, or environmental causes close to the deceased.

Boosting the Environment

While funerals have a powerful meaning to the family and friends of the deceased, they can also have a high carbon footprint. That’s why many people are considering alternatives to traditional funeral options to deliver a greener outcome. These include replacing traditional cremation with Aquamation, which uses gentle heating and an alkaline solution; replacing traditional cars in a funeral procession with electric cars, and serving a vegetarian or vegan meal at the reception.

Community Projects

A funeral and memorial service is a large collective meeting, and when you have that many people united in memory, you can do something amazing. Is there a community project in the neighborhood that could use a lot of helping hands? Is there a cause close to the heart of the family? Organizing the mourners into a task force to volunteer for a cause or repair a home can be a powerful statement with a lasting effect. The best way to honor the dead is by remembering them. Family and friends can participate in community projects, like headstone installation or garden creation for memorials that are also important sources of strength during difficult times.

Digital Outreach

No more are funerals only contained to the people attending the actual burial and memorial service. Funeral homes offer digital programs including livestreamed services, digital memorial walls, and guestbooks to allow people to share their condolences from around the world. That gives you a powerful opportunity to harness that global reach and advocate for change, raise money for a cause, or share the passions of your loved one.

If you have a specific vision for the memorial service or funeral at Union, NJ funeral homes, Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC is here to help. Visit us to meet with our experienced staff or contact us by phone or our website to set up a consultation.

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