What Can Be Cremated With A Person?

What Can Be Cremated With A Person?

When you’ve lost a loved one and you need to plan for an inexpensive and quick service, cremation can be a great option. You can easily burn a loved one’s body and even add other items to the body to make this service special. If you’re wondering what to cremate with your loved one at cremation services in Summit, NJ, consider some of these options that will suit your needs.


If you have private photos of your loved one and would like to put some of these photos in the cremation service, you can cremate them with your loved one’s corpse. You can choose to add photos of the deceased when they were young or doing something fun or special with the family. You can also add photos of their family or anything that means something to them. To ensure that all of your deceased loved ones and friends have the opportunity to attend the service and play a role in how it all goes, you can invite them to bring or send in photos that will be cremated with the deceased. Then they will know that they go to send their loved one off the way they want.


Some people are uncomfortable with burning loved ones without clothes, or maybe even without some things they are guilty of or wear often. You can cremate someone in their clothes if you want or prefer not to bury them nude. If they are planning on making plans for a viewing before the cremation, or if they may have a will or estate plan, they can make their requests in, they may let you know if they want to be dressed or even what they want to be dressed in during the cremation. You can even choose to allow your loved ones to make their own plans and pick the exact clothes they will be buried in and then save that outfit for them.

Jewelrycremation services in Summit, NJ

Another thing that is usually cremated by the deceased is their jewelry. Some people have special jewelry that they often wear or maintain. This could be something they just did or liked. Sometimes loved ones plan and even ask to be buried or cremated in their favorite jewelry. You can burn your jewelry with them, follow their wishes and make sure that the jewelry they wear the most or what they choose to have the most is on them when they are cremated.

If you are looking to complete cremation services in Summit, NJ, and want to add something to the cremation of your loved ones, there are many things to consider. The suggestions above are just a few of the things you can add to the body when it is cremated. You can also choose to add other things that are special or mean something to you. If you have other special items to include, ask the funeral director if it’s possible. When you are ready to conduct a cremation program, please contact the Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC.

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