What Can You Wrap A Body In For Cremation Services?

What Can You Wrap A Body In For Cremation Services?

If your loved one has chosen cremation services in Union, NJ, then you might want to consider wrapping the deceased in something before they are cremated. It might make sense to wrap the deceased in something before they are cremated if your loved one chose cremation services in New Berlin, WI. Take these suggestions into consideration when choosing the wrapping for the body. There is no requirement that you wrap your loved one’s body in anything if you don’t want to, yet there are several options to consider if you want to consider them wrapped in something comforting.


Many people think a naked body can only be cremated. There may be a possibility that you can arrange to have your loved one cremated in clothing that you want. Cremation clothes are often chosen by the deceased, and friends and family ensure they are buried in them. However, if your loved one hadn’t selected an outfit, you may do so. In case of a viewing prior to cremation, you can choose what your loved one will wear for the viewing and then for the cremation itself. You can even go out and buy a brand new outfit if you wish so you know your loved one will look their best for their viewing and when they are cremated.


If your loved one had a favorite blanket, you may want to have it cremated with them. A blanket can also be used to cover cremated remains in addition to wrapping a body or covering it. Being able to provide comfort to their next life or to have them have something comforting during their last moments on earth can provide you with peace. If your loved one does not have a favorite blanket, you can also make or purchase one for them. You can also see if a family member has a blanket they would like to use for the loved one.

Materialcremation services in Union, NJ

If you want to cover the grave of your loved one with a simple fabric, you can do so with your choice. If you think about burying your loved one without a burial shroud, it may make you uncomfortable. Silk’s softness and luxury make it a favorite among those who prefer something comfortable, such as fleece or cotton. You will need enough fabric to cover your entire body. As well as accepting the fabric, ensure that the crematory will be comfortable incinerating it. Please check before you choose a material that you want to be cremated with your loved one.

Several options are available when it comes to cremation services in Union, NJ. It’s up to you to decide what your loved one should be cremated in. Any type of covering can be used if the crematory allows it. If you are planning cremation services, don’t forget to think about the tips and ideas above. If you would like, we also offer funeral and cremation planning services. Learn more about the services we offer by contacting us or visiting our office.

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