What To Request In Lieu Of Flowers At Cremation Services

What To Request In Lieu Of Flowers At Cremation Services

If you lose a loved one and need to schedule his or her service at cremation services in Union, NJ, you may be wondering what happens to all the flowers your loved ones donate or send to show condolences. Although flowers can beautify the funeral and show how much the deceased is missed, not everyone likes flowers or wants to have them as part of a cremation service. If you’re looking for something to choose instead of flowers, consider some of these ideas that make great options.

Charitable Donations


If you want to do something special for your deceased loved one, but don’t want a bouquet of flowers to be the gift,, you can ask someone to donate to an organization that your loved one liked or a cause they’ve supported instead of spending that money on flowers. If they donate to an organization, they can do so in memory of the deceased and make it a special thing.. You can choose to collect money from the people you want to donate to and then donate large amounts to the charity or place of your choice. Another option is to have those who want to donate to do it directly.

Start a Scholarship


If you want to do something to memorialize a loved one and have something that will last and be remembered, a scholarship is always something to consider.. When honoring someone with a scholarship, you can choose the type of beneficiary who qualifies for the scholarship. It may depend on the interests of a loved one or the career field they choose to pursue during their lifetime. You can ask everyone to contribute to the scholarship instead of buying flowers for the services. This will make the scholarship bigger so it can help either more students or pay more towards one student’s school expenses.




It’s hard for some families to have enough money to pay for their expenses of cremation services for a loved one. Instead of flowers, it is advisable to offer them some money to help cover the cost of the funeral or cremation.. Youcremation services in Union, NJ can give this money directly to the family members who are responsible for paying it, or you can simply offer it to the crematory director to apply towards anything that is still owed on the services . It can make it possible for a family to provide planned services.

If you are going to have a funeral or a ceremony and you do not want to feel your guests are forced to send flowers, you can ask them to send other things instead of flowers. What you want and what they offer can vary so it’s good to just be straightforward with what you want or would prefer over flowers. The above are some other tips to keep in mind when trying to determine what other gifts your guests may send instead of flowers. If you’re ready to plan cremation services in Union, NJ and need help, be sure to contact us. We are here to assist you with all your cremation and funeral plans. You don’t have to work alone.

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