Why Have Cremation Services In The Winter?

Why Have Cremation Services In The Winter?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to hold a funeral or cremation services in Union, NJ. There are many things that can affect your decision so it is best to consider the weather and the best or easiest option for everyone who will be planning to attend. If your loved one had time to make their estate plans or just their funeral plans before they passed, those should always be taken into consideration first.. When thinking about whether your body should be burned or buried, consider some of these reasons.

Frozen Ground

In winter, the ground freezes easily, making digging difficult. If funeral directors or cemeteries cannot dig a grave for your loved one, you may have to postpone the funeral. This means your loved one may have to stay in the morgue or at the funeral home for a long time until the ice and snow on the ground melts and the body is able to be buried. If you choose to cremate the body, you will be able to plan the services quickly so you don’t have to worry about waiting for winter to be over. You can also choose to bury the ashes if you would prefer to do so once the ground thaws.

Difficult Traveling

When a loved one dies, your family and other friends may want to attend. If you choose to have a funeral in the winter, your family may find it difficult to organize the trip. In winter, it is difficult for people to find bus and plane tickets. Bad weather can also cause flight cancellations and make road conditions severe and not suitable for safe travels. You can’t postpone the funeral because of bad weather, but you can cremate the body and hold a memorial service at a time when it is better for everyone to organize their trip.

Bad Weather

If you have a funeral and you want to bury the body, go to the cemetery and spend some time outside the home. Ifcremation services in Union, NJ the weather is cold and rainy, you may not get bored of going out during the party. Your darling deserves respect and not a service that is incomplete or hurried. Just because you can’t stay in the weather for long doesn’t mean you should rush the service. You can cremate the bodies and wait for the funeral service after the weather improves. You can even scatter the ashes if you want.

When you lose a loved one and have to decide whether to bury or burn, you better think about the weather. If the weather is cold and you think it might not be a good time for a funeral, consider cremation services in Union, NJ. You can count on the Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC for help. We are happy to support you with all your cremation needs. Contact us for more information about our services and all the ways we can help you make your plans.

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