September 26, 2022
funeral homes in Union, NJ

Why Have A Graveside Service?

If you choose funeral homes in Union, NJ., you decide what services you want; you choose what’s best for you. Several reasons should be considered when considering graveside services. There are a few things you...
September 19, 2022
cremation services in Union, NJ

Why Do People Want to Watch the Cremation Process?

In many minds, cremation is associated with sterility and industrialization. Cremation has a bad reputation because of the perception that it takes place in a cold environment like a morgue or hospital. In recent years,...
September 12, 2022
cremation services in New Providence, NJ

Can You Witness The Cremation Of A Loved One?

In some crematories, family members can press a button to begin the cremation process. A sense of closure can be provided to a family by witnessing a loved one’s cremation. People who choose cremation are...
September 5, 2022
funeral homes in New Providence, NJ

What is a Funeral Director And What Is Their Role?

Bereaved families can rely on funeral directors to provide support and compassion, as well as arrange a fitting funeral. Funeral directors also perform floral tributes, burials, and cremations in funeral homes, cemeteries, and offices. An...
August 22, 2022
cremation services in Summit, NJ

Reasons To Bury A Loved One’s Ashes After Cremation Services

You must also decide what will happen to the ashes after the cremation ceremony is over if you choose cremation services for a loved one. The choice of burying cremated remains as a traditional funeral...
August 15, 2022
funeral homes in Summit, NJ

How To Make A Closed Casket Funeral More Personal

It may not be possible to hold an open casket funeral in all circumstances. A casket may be kept closed by some individuals for whatever reason they choose. This type of service is offered frequently,...
August 8, 2022
cremation services in Union, NJ

What Can You Wrap A Body In For Cremation Services?

If your loved one has chosen cremation services in Union, NJ, then you might want to consider wrapping the deceased in something before they are cremated. It might make sense to wrap the deceased in...
August 1, 2022
funeral homes Union, NJ

Tips For Transporting A Loved One’s Body For Funeral Services

When a loved one passes away in a location different from where you plan to hold the funeral service, you may have to make arrangements for transportation of the body. Here’s a common scenario, however...
July 25, 2022
funeral homes in New Providence, NJ

Fundraiser Ideas To Help You Cover Funeral Costs

It may be your responsibility to pay for funeral costs if your loved one didn’t make plans or didn’t cover them themselves. Perhaps you can organize a fundraiser to help you pay for the funeral...
July 18, 2022
Cremation services in New Providence, NJ

How To Plan A Simple Cremation

Whether you want a simple cremation or one that’s more elaborate, you can customize it. There are many details and special things that are included in a traditional funeral as well. Cremation is often seen...
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