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The death of your loved one, whether sudden or expected, begins a period of mourning, introspection, and concern. It is a time for you to be with your family and friends, and to take comfort in one other. It is also a time for practical arrangements, and Bradley & Son Funeral Homes is here to bring you care and comfort during life’s most difficult moment.

Please watch the brief video by Peggy Hopkins on the right for an overview of how to begin the arrangement process. You will be asked to complete detailed information on your loved one’s life and your preferences for funeral services.

We use this information to help you create the most fitting tribute to your loved one and compile the necessary information for the published obituary pages, both for newspaper and online publishing. Once you submit the form, your funeral professional will call you to arrange a meeting. Please call us at (973) 908-6004 if you have any questions.

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