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Bradley & Son Funeral Homes’ 80 years of service and experience within our communities has grown and adapted to serve the needs of every family at every time of need. Throughout every stage of the journey, Bradley Funeral Homes offers a truly personalized experience through our complete array of services.

Advance Planning

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is to plan your funeral now. We know it’s a difficult thing to consider, but advance planning brings comfort and relief from emotional and financial distress when the time of death comes. Although pre-planning may seem intimidating, millions of North Americans pre-plan their funerals every year, because they have discovered the many emotional and financial benefits advance planning brings, for example: • Helps to ensure that your family isn’t left with the burden of making important decisions during a time of great emotional distress and confusion • Ensures that every aspect of your final wishes are communicated, removing the guesswork • Removes the financial burden from your family • Options available to guarantee funeral home prices. Plus, Bradley’s pre-planning services are completely free, and we have a certified pre-planning expert on staff to help guide you every step of the way.

Twilight Done Right

In 2016, Bradley created a cooperative campaign to bring our local senior community helpful and proactive information on eldercare, finance, real estate, health care, hospice and funeral planning. Through group seminars led by industry experts and a full-color 40-page reference guide, Twilight Done Right strives to help seniors, their families and caregivers live smart today and plan a cherished legacy for tomorrow. Visit the website for more information on upcoming seminars and to receive a free planner. In addition to these core services, we are pleased to offer our families personalized options, like Hindu Cremations and Low Cost Funeral Packages.


Bradley & Son Funeral Homes has offered traditional funeral arrangements with burials for over eight decades. Today, we offer traditional services enhanced by unique memorials that ensure each and every life is well remembered and honored. In addition, many people are interested in low-cost funerals and green burial options, both of which we are proud to provide to our families.


Recognizing an increased demand for cremation arrangements, simplicity and value, Bradley offers direct cremations made entirely online via an easy-to-use website that delivers low-cost, secure cremation arrangements. Families save time and money, and they are able to complete the entire process from home. Bradley & Son Funeral Homes oversees every step of the online arrangement, continuing the personal care and extraordinary support that make our services unforgettable. Bradley is also proud to serve our local Hindu families with new Hindu Traditions Funeral Packages, offering traditional ceremonies and cremations at a great value.

Celebrant Services

A Celebrant Service is a funeral ceremony that is conducted by a Certified Funeral Celebrant to celebrate the life of your loved one with a more personal, humanistic “celebration of life." Every aspect of the service celebrates your loved one's lifestyle, honoring their spirit and faith. Bradley's Funeral Celebrants are specially trained in leading, conducting, and facilitating all aspects of a funeral service. Typical components of a Celebrant Service include eulogies, music, poems, and prayers.


At Bradley Funeral Homes, we’re so dedicated to making sure every life is well remembered that we have an entire department devoted to creating extraordinary tributes. Bradley’s team of creative professionals will begin by getting to know your loved one: their loves, hobbies, accomplishments and traditions. This knowledge is then transformed into unique print mementos, extraordinary service backdrops and unforgettable video tributes. We offer a wide variety of printed tributes, from basic photo prayer cards and bookmarks to completely customized pieces that focus on a favorite team, hobby or activity. We’ll stage entire memorial services around a special interest like golf, classic cars, theater, or travel. And, we’ll create professional tribute videos incorporating favorite photos and music to provide a lasting visual and audio memory. We believe every life is a unique work of art, and our caring, professional Tribute team wants to help you celebrate that uniqueness in every way.

Grief Support

Bradley & Son Funeral Homes created Center for Life Transition in 1999 with the goal of continuing the personalized, professional care of our families after the funeral and beyond. Today, our bereavement support services are renowned throughout New Jersey and the Northeast and are open to all bereaved individuals, regardless of whether or not they are clients of Bradley & Son Funeral Homes. Services include home visits, support groups, social Meetup groups, online communities and special events.

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