Center for Life Transition

Center for Life Transition

19 Washington Avenue
Chatham, NJ 07928
Scott Bradley
Clinical Psychotherapist, Founder
(973) 476-7402
Austin Bremner
Community Outreach Liaison
Phone: (973) 635-2428, Ext. 140
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Online & In-Person Support Groups

We now offer online bereavement support groups through Zoom, as well as a hybrid Zoom/in-person option. All are welcome to join by registering at the links below each group. To cover operational costs, a $10 donation is suggested for each session.

General Loss Support Group

ON ZOOM: Every other Wednesday from 6 to 7:30pm
Starting September 8, 2021
Led by Mandi Zucker

Register here.

Widows & Widowers Support Group

HYBRID GROUP: Every other Friday from 11:30am to 1:00pm
Meet in person at Center for Life Transition, 19 Washington Avenue in Chatham, OR join the group by Zoom.
Starting January 14, 2022
Led by Mandi Zucker

Register here for the Zoom option.

Email Mandi Zucker to register for the in-person option.

About Center for Life Transition

The mourning does not end when the funeral is over, and nor should the personal care and support from your funeral home. For most, the time after the funeral signals the beginning of a deeply emotional search for meaning and a way to adjust to life without their loved one.

The Center for Life Transition (CFLT), created by Bradley Funeral Homes in 1999, offers a safe and caring place to help you, your family and friends transition through your loss with support and understanding. We are sensitive to the unique journey each mourner undergoes after a loss.

Based on our caring experience with thousands of bereaved families, our wide range of support services allows us to assist you at every stage of your journey. People who have suffered the death of a loved one, experienced a difficult divorce, been devastated by a job loss, begun fighting cancer, or faced other major life changes have benefited from the unique counseling services offered at CFLT.

Our support services are renowned throughout New Jersey and the Northeast and are open to all bereaved individuals, regardless of whether or not they are clients of Bradley Funeral Homes. Services include:

Bereavement Support Groups

Sometimes it's helpful to share thoughts and feelings about our experiences with others; being connected with other people who have had similar experiences can be comforting. Support groups are also a place where difficult issues can be dealt with in an environment of caring and understanding. We offer free bi-monthly bereavement support groups that are facilitated by professionally trained grief and bereavement experts. Currently groups meet remotely via Zoom every other Wednesday evening as well as a hybrid Zoom/in-person option every other Friday late morning.


You will receive ten issues of Living Through Mourning, our bereavement support newsletter which contains informative articles written by our experts, as well as helpful tips for mourning in good health.

Mail/Email News

We occasionally will send updates on bereavement support news and events in your area.

Social Groups

Many lasting and meaningful friendships have been created within our support groups and several have spawned social groups meeting outside of support sessions. For example, W2 Starting Life Anew is an opportunity for widows and widowers to get out, socialize and connect with others going through the same experience.

Professional Resource Network

The loss of a loved one not only presents stressors on our emotional life, but it also greatly affects our physical life. Please visit the extensive resources page on our website for trusted legal, accounting, real estate, healthcare, assisted living, and other community support: or call your funeral director.

Individual Counseling

Many people prefer a more individualized experience instead of--or in addition to--what a support group can provide. The therapists at CFLT will meet with couples, individuals, or several members of the same family to assist them through their bereavement process. Children and adults of all ages are welcome. Our professionals work with you and your family to tailor a treatment program that meets your emotional and budgetary needs.

We are pleased to introduce our staff of nationally recognized bereavement experts and aftercare professionals:

Cremations 0000181 Center for Life Transition Chatham NJ Mandizucker
Mandi Zucker
Grief Recovery Specialist
Mandi is the Founder and CEO of Inner Harbor, an organization dedicated to supporting grieving teens and young adults around the country. She has almost 25 years of experience with grief and bereavement including hospice, schools, and non-profit grief support centers. She is an adjunct professor the Montclair State University. She earned a master’s degree in Social Work from New York University in 1997 along with a Certificate in Grief Recovery and a Certificate in Thanatology. She serves as a Lead Responder for the Traumatic Loss Coalition of NJ.

Cremations 0000188 Center for Life Transition Chatham NJ Rmowad
Ron Mowad
Aftercare Coordinator
Ron has been a N.J. Licensed Funeral Director since 1977, specializing in advance funeral planning since 1994. He has been trained as a Certified Preplanning Consultant by the National Funeral Directors Association. Ron is Immediate Past President of the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association and is active in his community. Ron is also a parishioner and usher of Holy Spirit Church, Union, and has recently been named chairman of the bereavement team.

Cremations 0000183 Center for Life Transition Chatham NJ Scottbradley
Scott W. Bradley
M.S.W., CT, NCPsyA
Scott is a practicing psychotherapist as well as owner and managing partner of Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC. His five funeral homes assist 600 families a year in Morris and Union Counties, New Jersey. Since receiving his Master's in Social Work from New York University in 1999, he has been assisting patients with a full range of diagnoses. Scott is certified through the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) as an expert in the field of death, dying, and bereavement. Continuing his postgraduate professional education, Scott attends the Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis (ACAP) in Livingston, NJ and received his Certificate in Psychoanalysis in 2012.

Please call Scott Bradley, Clinical Psychotherapist and Founder, at (973) 476-7402 or complete the form below to request more information about Center for Life Transition.

Home VisitSupport GroupPrivate TherapySocial Groups

“Should I? ... I do ... I meet and talk with a bereavement volunteer. With her gentle support, I laugh, I cry, I share thoughts and feelings unsaid til now. Each time, I learn a little bit more how a broken heart can still keep beating.”
F.T., Morristown, NJ

”I never thought that I could heal and have a life again. Now, I feel as though I can go forward with my changed life. I know that I can find happiness again. Thank you.”
P.T., Whippany, NJ

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and help to us in saying goodbye my son. It means so much to know that we are not alone.”
M.C., Union, NJ

“[The newsletters are] a wonderful idea for all those who have suffered a loss—an immense help to me, especially knowing that I am not alone and that others have felt the same way. Thank you.”
R.L., Chatham, NJ

“Just want to let you know how much the Living Through Mourning newsletter helped me cope at the most terrible and sad time of my life. Thank you.”
E.M., Summit, NJ

”I am so grateful for the monthly gift of the Living Through Mourning Newsletter. I plan to subscribe to it for my special friends when the time comes for them. Thank you.”
M.A., Union, NJ

”I really have benefited from the articles in the Newsletter. They have helped me and my family.Life is for the living and that’s what she would have wanted us to do. Thank you.”
C.F., Springfield, NJ

“The newsletter has been a great help to our family and we could never have overcome the hurdles presented to us had it not been for your invaluable help. Thank you.” B.F., Livingston, NJ
Scott W. Bradley, MSW, NCPsyA, president and owner of Bradley Funeral Homes, created "The Art of Mourning" monthly e-newsletter and web resource because he feels "expressing all your thoughts and feelings will be your finest piece of art."

Click here to find emotional support and guidance on grief and loss, referrals to local services to help with your practical issues of home and finance, as well as a form to subscribe to the monthly Art of Mourning e-newsletter.
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