Arranging a Funeral With Union, NJ Funeral Homes

Arranging a Funeral With Union, NJ Funeral Homes

Funerals after a sudden death need to be arranged in a hurry, and many families struggle to keep up with the multiple parts. That’s why the help of a funeral director at funeral homes in Union, NJ can help you organize everything and take the lead in the process. At Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC, we offer comprehensive planning and resources to let you handle the entire funeral planning process in-house.

Meeting With the Funeral Director

The first step, as soon as we get your call, is to set up a consultation with our experienced funeral director. Once we receive vital information on the deceased, we’ll take custody of the body and arrange an in-person meeting at our closest office. From there, we’ll take you through the funeral planning process step by step to ensure your loved one gets a send-off and tribute that reflects their life and the memories they left behind.

Burial or Cremation?

The first major decision you’ll make is whether you want to proceed with a traditional earth burial or a cremation service. Both offer you full use of our facilities for a memorial ceremony if you choose, and many of our clients choose to combine cremation with interment in a family crypt or mausoleum. Once you make this key choice, we’ll be able to prepare the body and assist you in picking an ideal casket or urn.

Specialty Funerals

At our network of funeral homes, we specialize in providing services to anyone who needs them, and we’ll work with the US military to get the proper honors for any US veteran being buried with us. We also offer a selection of green funeral options for anyone who wants a carbon-neutral funeral that returns their body to nature. Options include caskets made from sustainable wood and biodegradable urns.

Receptions and Catering

Our five locations have in-house facilities that can host a post-memorial meal or catered celebration, and we’ve partnered with local restaurants and catering facilities. When you use one of our in-network partners, you’ll save money, but we can arrange a menu with any restaurant or with homemade food. Our staff will work with you to create a memorable meal that accommodates any special dietary needs.

In-House Supplies

One element of our funeral home that many of our families appreciate is our in-house funeral supply store. Whether you need flowers for the burial or the reception, jewelry to memorialize the deceased, or gift baskets to send to the family, it can be arranged through us. Our convenient website lets you order directly and any packages will be delivered in a timely manner to the funeral home or to a chosen home or office. Arranging a Funeral and headstone can be difficult for those who are new to the process. However, there is help available in planning your final send off with dignity according to your desires!

If you’re looking for Union, NJ funeral homes who will handle the whole process from beginning to end, Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC is here to help. Set up a consultation by visiting us at our Union office at 1100 Pine Ave, Union, NJ 07083, or reach us on our site or by phone at (908) 686-6666. We can also be found at our Chatham, Summit, Springfield, or Whippany locations.

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