Creative Additions to Services at Summit, NJ Funeral Homes

Creative Additions to Services at Summit, NJ Funeral Homes

If you’re hosting services at funeral homes in Summit, NJ, you have many options to give the services a personal touch. At Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC, we’ve seen some unique celebrations of life hosted at our facilities, and we’re ready to help you bring your own ideas to life. If you want to celebrate the distinct and passionate life your loved one lived, read on for some possible ideas to enhance the memorial services.

Unique Funeral Gifts

It’s common to give mementos of the funeral to guests, like program cards and memorial papers, but organizers are also adding personal touches with their gifts. A common choice is seed packets containing a chosen flower, often a Forget-Me-Not. This way every guest takes a packet home, plants it in a home garden, and has a lasting and living memento of the departed they can see every day.

Musical Tributes

It’s common for funerals to have speeches and tributes given by the attendants and the officiant, but if your loved one enjoyed music, why not take it in a different direction? There are several options for musical tributes at a funeral, starting with performances by guests that speak to the connections the deceased shared. If they were a fan of a specific band, a tribute band performance can be a dramatic finish to the service.

An Interactive Display

The memory board is one of the most beloved traditions at modern funerals, giving all the guests a way to share their memories of the deceased. A simple piece of poster board placed at the entrance of the reception hall, the family starts by posting pictures and messages to the deceased. The guests then join in, leaving their own messages and memories to join the board, which becomes a permanent memento of how many people the deceased touched in their life.

Digital Outreach

No matter how much someone wants to be there to say goodbye to a friend or family member, it’s not always possible to make the trip on short notice. That’s why our digital services programs are designed to let people interact from a world away, with virtual guestbooks, live-streaming of services, and online memory boards. People can leave their condolences, donate to funeral costs or a chosen charity, and share memories from around the world.

A Dazzling Finale

The final step of the funeral can take place outside, with a personalized fireworks display to send your loved one off in style. Check local fireworks regulations to ensure it complies, but a safe but stunning fireworks display can be a memorable way to say goodbye. Third party companies that can turn cremation ashes into fireworks are available, if you want a more personal touch to the display post-cremation.

Do these options appeal to you as a way to send someone off with a personal touch? Summit, NJ funeral homes can help, so contact Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC to set up a consultation today.


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