Having An In-Home Memorial After Cremation Services

Having An In-Home Memorial After Cremation Services

You never have to go with the trends when you are planning a loved one’s final services. But some popular trends might be just what you want for your loved one, at the same time. cremation services New Providence, NJ themselves are a trend, especially when they are direct in nature. Another trend around cremation is having an in-home memorial service after the cremation is complete. Here are some reasons why that is something you might want to consider.

The Space Is Comfortable For Family

Your home, your loved one’s home, or another family member’s home, is likely familiar to your family members and even some of your friends. The space is comfortable and it makes the memorial easier than a space that no one recognizes. You know the couch is your favorite spot. You know where the glasses are in the kitchen. There’s comfort in that. People might be more open with their emotions in a location of comfort, and one that feels more private than a public place.

Your Loved One Can Still Be Present

With a funeral, you have to have the event at the funeral home or a church in order for your loved one’s remains and casket to be present. With cremation, you can have a memorial service in your home and your loved one’s remains can still be there. It’s nice to know they are with you and can be a part of your honoring of them.

Memorabilia May Be Everywhere

If you are having the memorial in your loved one’s home, reminders of them are all around you. Even if it’s in your home, or that of another family member, you can have things of your loved one around. You might even have things out regularly, and you can certain add more items to those in existence.

Photos Are Prevalent

It’s always nice to have pictures of your loved one present when you are having a memorial service for them. IF you have it in a family home, those pictures look like they are there naturally, and

cremation services New Providence, NJ

often they are. You can add more for the event, of course, and make sure it’s all about your loved one and their happy life.

People Can Come And Go

When you have a memorial service at a family home, you can treat it like more of an open house. People can come and go as they please during the open hours. Close family might be there the whole time while friends filter in and out to pay their respects.

There are endless things you can do for a loved one when you have cremation services New Providence, NJ for them. The memorial service could even be something you hold in a family home. It can feel small and intimate and be located somewhere of comfort to you and your family. The professionals have plenty of advice if you decide to go that direction. Contact them at any time for more suggestions as you move forward.

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