Janiya Andraya Jones
07/14/2017 - 02/23/2021


Janiya was Gods gift to world an Angel. Janiya never spoke words yet she said so much in her smile and facial expressions and body gestures. Janiya was the best friend daughter and sister anyone could ask for. Even at her young age she showered every one with love . And although Janiya had her own ailments and disabilities her hugs and cuddles released a healing virtue.  Janiya had a way of showing in her eyes that everything would be okay. Even in the midst of chaos she just had a very chill vibe about her. Janiya was very strong she fought through so much. At times you would expect tears but she would be smiling and other times she would cut you a side eye like ‘ is that right’. In any case janiya would let you know what she is feeling and thinking . After watching Janiya experiencing her and just being in her presence you had no choice but to be strong ,To keep going , to keep fighting the good fight.  Janiya was a great teacher whether you wanted to or not you were going to learn a thing or two and if felt like three. Lol yes indeed Janiya was force to wreck on with. She is one of kind truly unique and outstanding in all her ways. We love you Janiya

Janiya was the beloved daughter of Teshawn and Andrew.  She was the cherished sister of Mania Singleton, Kristofer Jones and Kristen Jones, dearest granddaughter of Kim Bridgeforth, Ronnie Jeffries and the late Ruth and John A. Jones.  She is also survived by her devoted caregivers, Charise Virgo and Loraine Pottinger as well as many loving aunts, uncles and relatives.

Funeral Home:
Wm. A. Bradley & Son Funeral Home
Visitation Hours:
Wm. A. Bradley & Son Funeral Home, 345 Main St., Chatham, NJ on Wednesday, March3, 2021 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm
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