Marie Alexis
04/08/1956 - 04/24/2020

Marie E Alexis was born on April 8, 1956, in Haiti, which is where she received her early years of education. In Haiti is where she also met and fell in love with Joseph M Alexis. They got married on March 9, 1980, in Haiti. They eventually moved to the US together were they continued they lives together.

In their marriage Marie and Joseph had three children: Marie L Williams (Terrell Williams), Nadia Alexis (Jason Edler), and Jason Alexis. Marie also had four grandchildren Ah’mya, Troy, Safiya, and Terrell. Marie also leaves behind four sisters, one brother, and many nieces, nephews, and cousins. Marie started working at Overlook Hospital, where she begun her career and retired 30 years later as a manager in food service at Overlook Hospital. During her time at Overlook Hospital she continued her career and received a degree in business management and nursing assistance.

A poem to Marie E Alexis:

I just thought I’d say

I love you and goodbye.

We will miss you dearly.

I promise I won’t cry.

I will never forget our talks,

Conversations on the phone.

How happy you were to see me

When I finally came home.

You worried so much about me.

I worried about you too.

I know this is the hardest thing

We’ve ever had to do.

I know you’ll always be with me

Wherever I will go.

No one needs to show me;

I will always know.

I don’t know what to do, Mom.

I never thought I’d lose you.

Where I’ll go from here

I still haven’t got a clue.

I hope you’ll watch over me,

Be my guiding light

Giving me the strength I need

To win this endless fight.

You’re my guardian angel, Mom,

Sitting on my shoulder,

Whispering your words of wisdom

To use as I get older.

I don’t want to say goodbye,

But we’ll meet again someday.

We’ll pick up where we left off

Before you went away.

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