Memorial Options for Cremation Services in Summit, NJ

Memorial Options for Cremation Services in Summit, NJ

After moving ahead with cremation services in Summit, NJ, your next step is to choose what you want to do with the ashes long-term. While you’ll receive a sturdy basic cremation urn with our basic cremation options, our memorial packages offer many more options for personalized memorials. At Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC, cremation is just the beginning of a process that lets you create a personalized celebration of your loved one.

The Centerpiece Urn

Our most popular choice for a permanent home for cremation ashes is one of our handcrafted artisan urns, ideal for standing dramatically as the center of a room or on the mantle. These urns come in hundreds of designs, ranging from classic historical-themed models to modern options styled after famous artists. If you want a personal touch, many of these urns can have a customized inscription added before arrival.

Sharing the Love

We have many large families who all want to have a piece of their loved one with them, especially in the case of a beloved matriarch or patriarch who has passed on. That’s why many of our clients choose to go with several smaller urns that can be divided among multiple people. Each of these urns fits neatly on a mantle and come in several stylish designs, and come with the spill-proof design similar to the bigger urns.

Always With You

For clients who want to feel like their loved one is with them at all times, we offer a selection of small vials ideal for holding a pinch of the ashes. These can be worn around or kept in the pocket, and we also offer a selection of jewelry like lockets ideal for holding a small amount of ashes. This gives many of our clients comfort in the early days after a loss, and the majority of the ashes can stay in an urn.

A Permanent Resting Place

If you’d rather have a single location to visit your loved one, we can work with local cemeteries to find a final resting place for your loved one’s ashes. Once the remains are placed in a cremation container, they’ll be interred in either a burial plot or an above-ground mausoleum. These locations can be marked by a headstone or marker for easy identification, and we can arrange a traditional burial ceremony similar to a funeral.

Into the Wind

One of the most common ways of paying tribute to a departed loved one after cremation is by scattering the ashes. Cremation ashes are sterile and safe, so it is legal to scatter ashes in any public location and many private locations will agree to host a ceremony if approached. We offer a selection of scattering urns that allow a controlled release and ensure that the elements won’t mess up a moving memorial.

Would you like help putting together a memorial after cremation services in Summit, NJ? Contact Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC to get started. Visit us at our offices at 299 Morris Ave, Summit, NJ 07901, or reach us on our website or by phone at (908) 273-2323. We can also be found at our Union, Springfield, Whippany, or Chatham offices.

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