Parting Stone in the News: Honoring a Precious Life with Solidified Remains

A Love Everlasting

Read the story of a couple who chose Parting Stone for their daughter on

Parting Stone was recently featured in a beautiful story covered by documenting a family's journey caring for their daughter with a rare genetic disorder and their decision to choose Parting Stone after her tragic passing last year.

The Massey Family, who lost their daughter, Poppy, from TBCD complications, shared with

"We knew we wanted cremation because we wanted her ashes home with us. Having two young kids at home, we did not want anything in our home that our kids would be fearful of, fearful of breaking, fearful of looking at, and we felt like an urn might have that presence in our home."

The couple, who are known for their prominent presence on TikTok, ended up choosing Parting Stone after considering what their other children would be the most comfortable around and what felt best for their family.

Parting Stone was started with families like The Masseys in mind. We set out to provide an option that allows people to hold their loved one close without the additional discomfort that can accompany ashes or an urn.

As Poppy's mother, Kaylee, explains in the story:

"...It felt like if all the options were bad, this one felt like the least bad option. We chose what was least bad for us, and we also tried to put [our children] first. What would they be most comfortable around?"

We agree—in the face of this kind of tragedy there are no "good" options, but we are honored to have been there for this family during this difficult time. Our hearts go out to The Masseys as they continue to mourn Poppy.

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