Types Of Ashes Spreading Ceremonies

Types Of Ashes Spreading Ceremonies

Planning cremation services in Union, NJ requires consideration of the options for scattering ashes and holding ceremonies. The following types of ceremonies can be used to spread the ashes of a loved one. Here are some suggestions and tips to keep in mind if you are trying to decide where to spread your loved one’s ashes or if you are hoping to do something special and plan some type of ceremony for them..

Casting Ceremony

Traditionally, ashes are scattered by throwing them into the air and dispersing them. Ash scattering ceremonies use these ashes. Casting ceremonies can be used to release the spirits of loved ones. There are many ways to conduct casting ceremonies. Additionally, family members may scatter ashes individually or collectively. No matter what your preferences are, we can accommodate them. To commemorate the ashes, each member of the family receives a cup. A toast can be made by releasing ashes together. In addition, it is important to identify the direction of the wind. It is important to release the ashes downwind to avoid striking attendees.

Trenching Ceremony

During trenching ceremonies, ashes are spread in trenches as well. A trench or ash pit is typically dug in the ground before ashes are scattered. In the aftermath of the ceremony, family members cover any trenches or holes left behind. Everyone can enjoy trenching ceremonies, regardless of whether they are gardeners or outdoor enthusiasts. Furthermore, we offer ash scattering services under trees and flower beds. Casting ceremonies are similar to getting creative. The name of an individual is spelled out differently in a trenching ceremony than it is in a ceremony for a loved one. It is popular to engrave the name of a loved one on trenches in the shape of a heart. It is common to see trenches surrounding trees, flowers, and noteworthy objects. Place a picture, jersey, candle, or other item in the center.

Sky or Aerial Ceremonycremation services in Union, NJ

There is an increase in the scattering of ashes from the sky these days. When a loved one passes away, an independent company will release their ashes into the sky. Besides hot air balloons, hang gliders and helicopters can also be used to scatter flowers. A plane cannot usually transport ashes following such a ceremony. It’s possible to reserve a seat, but you’ll have to pay an additional fee. In commemoration of the scattering part of the service, families hold a small ceremony before boarding the plane. Observers can observe aerial ash scattering on a clear day. As a keepsake, photographs can also be taken of the aircraft scattering.

The cremated ashes of your loved one can be spread meaningfully and with a special ceremony after cremation services in Union, NJ. Our team can help you ensure your family finds closure and that your loved one receives a respectful farewell. Your services should not be planned on your own. Make your cremation arrangements with us by calling us today.

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